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Musing on the idea of setting someone on fire doesn’t mean you really want to set them on fire, it’s just the thought of it that makes you happy. But only for a second—then you feel bad. But that second can be a lot of fun!

Track Title: Old 45s

Artist: Chromeo

Album: White Women


Chromeo - Old 45’s

"If you think romance is dead & gone, find an old jukebox full of 45’s, pop a nickel in it, & dance with me.."

you scare me like a church into which i have not been invited,
all stained glass and echo vaults and rows of candles
and the unshakeable feeling that there are rules
that i do not know
and which i will break.

— “accidental blasphemist”, é.


{ pink roses }


Sir Boris, the finest swordsman in the world! And his brother, Sir Morris, not the finest swordsman in the world… but the most enthusiastic!

And their noble pets!

Sir Horace the dog and Sir Doris the Hamster.



(The last bird is not dead. It is asking for a tummy scratch.)

Photographedby Leila Jeffreys [website]

[h/t: jedavu]

Track Title: Ratatat (ft. Dan Avidan) - Loud Pipes

Artist: Dan Avidan


"So this is a song Dan sent me a couple of days ago. It’s a version of Ratatat’s Loud Pipes with his vocals."


Josh Thomas talks about male suicide


This is too cute! Alisha and Simon


This is too cute! Alisha and Simon